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Old Poems


I. Free
The sun's wakin' up now,

The rain waters the town,

But it's goin' to be a nice day

As the rainbow makes a smile.


A swallow starts to fly

Higher than the sky

And it sings a song for me

Until to the night.


I feel so free,

I feel so nice,

Come on, let's fly!


I am free, like a butterfly,

And I forget everything what's make me cry.

I am free, I can fly.

The sun is waiting for me in the sky.


My wings are takin' me high.

I cannot stop my mind

Cos it flies with me as the sun

Sparkling in my eyes.


And I fly with You

And fly high, while

The sun is waiting

In the sky...


I am free, like a butterfly,

And I forget everything what's make me cry.

I am free, I can fly.

The sun is waiting for me in the sky.

II. Connect to Me

The golden sun’s wakin’ up now,

The clouds’re flowin’ in the sky.

I’m already awake and I’m thinkin’ of You,

I wish You could be true.


When opening a door behind me

It’s waiting for me...


Please connect to me,

Teach me how to feel,

Please let’s sing to me,

Please connect to me.


I enter the room and I can see You

My heart’s starting to flow...

I can’t dare to touch You cos I’m afraid You

I want to hear your voice...


You opened up my eyes and watch me,

Start to touch me...


Please connect to me,

Teach me how to feel,

Please let’s sing to me,

Please connect to me…


You know how to touch me,

How to hug me,

How to feel me

How to love me...

Now you can know

How connect to me...


Please connect to me

Teach me how to feel

Please let’s sing to me…

Please connect to me…


III. Humdrum Days


I wake up at 6 o’clock

There’s no chance to rock…

See your indifferent face

Just makes me insane.


Why don’t you see that

World has changed?

Why should we live these

Humdrum days?


Do some special,

Do some crazy,

These humdrum days

Knock me out, baby…


If we live our

Crazy lifestyle,

Humdrum days may

Pass out of sight…


IV. Silver Eyes


Like a diamond in the light

Something’s sparkling in the night.

Lighter than the sun in the sky

Just like a beautiful, silver eye…


It looks at me, straight and hard,

Doesn’t say much – just watch.

It hurts me, it kills me,

I suffer from these silver eyes…


V. A Touch in the Snow


Grey clouds cover the sky

Blackbirds starts to fly.

I’m walking alone in the light,

Sinking deeply in my mind…


Troubles come

But I left them behind,

I’m just thinkin’ of you

When the sun goes down…


I follow the footprints in the snow…

I’m still walking alone.

I stop on the street suddenly,

I see your shadow next to me…


You come closer…

I feel you breath.

You will touch me

I’m sure of that.


You touch my face

The snow starts to fall.

I feel your lips-

We’re standin’ off the wall…


VI. Insomnia


I am still awake in the dark night

In spite of the fact it’s past midnight…

I’m watching out of my window

And I’m thinkin’ all the time of you.


Everybody’s sleeping now.

I’d like, too but don’t know how…

I can’t close my eyes for a minute

My brain’s spinning around crazily.


I’m exhausted, I am tired,

Come, expel my nightmare.

Save me, tuck in,

The night has so many bad things…


But if you won’t come

I’ll stay awake

The stars may watch me,

The moon may save me…


VII. Refuge


The world expel me away,

The walls show me: „No way!”.

I can’t run much more

As I’ve almost run out of petrol…


Please, hear me, where can I go?

Would you be my refuge forevermore?

The dark night is already in my trail

I’m afraid, I will fail…


I feel I cannot breath

My lung’s like a butterfly in the net…

My heart says me dying:

„I can’t go more, darling.”


So where can I go in the world?

Where’s my refuge in this Earth?

I thought about you and said to me:

It’s the End but do not forget me…”


VIII. Our Sunny Day


I wake up in a sunny day

I see you in the bed, next to me.

You’re sleeping quietly and sweet,

I smile at you and caress your face.


When you’re opening your eyes

You make magic in my life.

My heart’s beating loudly,

You kiss my lips so softly.


We’re holding each other’s hands

I’m flying in the Feelings’ Land.

Birds are singing outside-

Our sunny day’s gonna start…


IX. The City of Life (New York City)


When the sun went down

The city’s just come to life.

Streets can’t stop to shout,

Til morning switch off lights.


Everybody’s outside tonight,

Above the city music flies.

Power, energy start to run

Through the city – it’s a fun!


But we found the only place

Wgere we can be – just you and me…

This dark corner is just ours

From here we hear the city’s noise.


X. Lying alone


I can’t sleep good

I watch the moon…

I’m lying alone in my

Dark, dark room.


You said, you’ll be with me.

I was happy that I could sleep.

But I am waiting for you

That’s why I’m lying alone…


My dog’s climbin’ up to me

I hug her and try to live…

But no! It can’t go without you

I need your voice, I need your look!


I’m looking at the door -

Maybe now can hear your voice?

But just a shadow’s sitting down

I’m lying alone with a shadow now…


XI. Where are you?


Sitting alone in a room
My heart's searching you.
But you're far away and may
You don't think about me.

Some days ago everything seemed right
You saved me if someday I cried.
Now the Sun's drying up my tears
I can't forget my fears.

Why don't you here with me?
It's a heartbrake what I feel.
I stand up and run through the Moon:
Please, tell me where are you?


XII. Sweet 18…??


This is a sweet day
A kind of new day
And maybe in the sky the sun
Is also having a big fun.

People come to me
To say "Happy Birthday!"
And I smile to everyone
The wind starts to run.

I have 2 secret wishes
But I know, they’ll be missed...
I tell my wishes into the sun:
"I'd like Him and Freedom!”


XIII. I Trusted in You


Shadow, hangin’ over there

Please tell me, what should I do.

Where can I go, where,

If I stopped trusting in you?


Everything was nice,

Everything seemed right.

But it wasn’t real

It was fake as the night.


Oh, I trusted in you,

I gave my Love,

I was crazily fool

That I trusted in you…


XIV. I know you see me


Your look is burning me.

Your love is killing me.

I can’t let you get away

It would destroy my days.


You conquered me –

I let you…

You can’t imagine

How I need you…


Your touch is burning me.

Your love is a pain for me.

But I know you see me

Without you I’ll be nothing here.


XV. Call Me Up


Call me up, write me back.

The night will grabbed in the sun.


Hit me now, forget the pain,

That for me you gave… start to fly…


So call me up, write me back.

Pain will left if you call me up.


XVI. Future’s Sins


It’s a dark day,

It’s a sad day.

You can kill pain,

Sin will leave me.


It will rain now…

Stand out tonight.

Rain will clean down

All our sin now.


We’ll be clean again,

Our hearts will be given,

Love won’t be hidden,

Life will be ridden.


XVII. The Road of Life


I was so blind in Love,

How crazy, foolish I was!

I was unfaithful and crazy,

I let you get away, baby.


You said I’ll always drive alone.

I thought I can’t love you anymore.

My heart was full of sadness

I chose a lifestyle of loneliness.


I walked alone in the road,

The night was dark and cold.

I forgot my previous life,

I forgot you, who was my only love.


We set apart, far away,

Thinking killed love and faith.

Oh, how foolish I was!

I wish I’d be again in Love.


Please, give me one more chance,

I realised how stupid I am!

You are so clean as heaven,

We can cross that road together.



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